#1 Family Friendly Dentist in Rocklin, CA

Our practice is located in Rocklin, CA and serves the surrounding area. We are a small hi-tech office focused on providing your family with personalized modern dentistry. We believe in investing in the best tools available in our industry in order to provide accurate and fast service to our clients.

Unlike many practices, this office is run by one primary dentist, Dr. Jason B. Couch, DDS, instead of many dentists that sometimes change over time. We believe this is essential to provide personal service.


If you want an honest, conscientious dentist whom you can trust then you are in the right place. Dr. Couch has treated me with nothing but care and respect. You cannot always know what is best with all of the technicalities of dentistry, but you can find a good dentist who does quality work that looks great, all while he is treating you like family so you don't have to feel like you are getting 'sold' or that money is more important than the person