If you want an honest, conscientious dentist whom you can trust then you are in the right place. Dr. Couch has treated me with nothing but care and respect. You cannot always know what is best with all of the technicalities of dentistry, but you can find a good dentist who does quality work that looks great, all while he is treating you like family so you don't have to feel like you are getting 'sold' or that money is more important than the person
I have been with this office for quite awhile, initially with Dr. Olson. When the change of ownership came I was a bit uncertain because of course you normally choose your dentist, not have one thrust upon you. Honestly what initially kept me there was Krystal, my hygienist; let's be honest you spend 75% + with your hygienist and she is the BEST! That girl can clean teeth like nobody's business, not a single surface is left untouched, plus she's just a fun person. I'm really happy I made the choice to stay! Dr. Couch and Kelsey (his front desk guru) have both turned out to be delightful, efficient, straight forward and all around wonderful to deal with. Their approach to dentistry is very personal and of course super modern with all the gizmos, gadgets and current knowledge. If you're in the market for a dental office I would highly suggest you give them a try!
Dr Couch is the best dentist in Rocklin. He has finally put roots in his new office. Dr Couch is very up to date on technology, has a kind heart and really cares for his patients. His staff is the best and always with a smile and care for the patient attitude. I would highly recommend Dr Couch.
Dr Couch is a fantastic Dr. I was a very nervous patient my first visit with him. He was great at easing my nerves and now I love going to the dentist. Thank you Dr Couch for the brilliant work you do!
Dr. Couch is one of the best dentists around. I couldn't ask for a more honest or upfront person. I would highly recommend him to anybody looking for a dentist or a second opinion.
Dr. Couch and his staff were simply amazing. Its the type of athmosphere you seem to only see on TV that you get at Dr. Couch's office. From the frontline staff all the way up was nothing short of perfection. I was welcomed immediately upon my arrival with smiles as soon as the door was opened and even when I left. I would highly recommend Dr. Couch to anyone, from toddlers to adults, this would be the place. Thank you again!

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